Getting Started

Obtaining an Order for Therapy

Physician approval is required to initiate therapy. Print off this page and have your physician sign it. It may be faxed back to the Continence & Pelvic Wellness Clinic at 262-240-1205 or brought to your first appointment. 
If the order is faxed to our clinic, we will contact you to schedule an evaluation. If you obtain the order directly from your physician’s office without them contacting our clinic, please phone us to schedule your initial evaluation at 262-240-1202.

What to Expect

Your initial visit will include:
-A history of your condition, including current medications
-A discussion of your therapy options
-A physical and/or biofeedback evaluation
-Educational resources
-Recommended exercises
-Your initial visit will be 60-90 minutes long*
-No special dress is required. Wear what is comfortable
-Be prepared to schedule additional visits

*Length of initial visit may be longer for out of town patients


-Sessions are typically scheduled 1-2 times a week
-Therapy sessions are typically 60-75 minutes
-The frequency and length of your therapy sessions will be tailored to your particular needs
-Written instruction for home carryover will be provided at each therapy session
-You are always welcome to bring a support person to any of your sessions
-Support persons may be involved in assisting with home carryover (with your approval)

Treatment Techniques Include:

-Connective tissue manipulation
-Trigger point therapy
-Myofascial Release
-Visceral mobilization
-E-stim/Neuromuscular electrical nerve simulation
-Physiological quieting
-Dietary recommendations
-Vacuum Erectile Device
-Education and support

In Addition…

You can expect compassionate, one-on-one confidential treatment. Debbie and Sherese have dedicated themselves to the care of these difficult problems.

We look forward to seeing you!