Meet The Therapists

Debbie A. Callif, OT, BCB-PMD

Treating difficult conditions is a passion of mine. I was initially trained in biofeedback and treated patients with a wide range of problems, including back injuries, hand injuries, and cardiac and general rehabilitation. In 1996, I switched gears and started to apply my skills with biofeedback to men, women, and children with pelvic pain and bowel and bladder dysfunction. The addition of specialized manual therapy techniques enables me to successfully treat many difficult bladder, bowel, and chronic pelvic pain conditions.  

I am fortunate to be in private practice with Sherese Hildenbrand. I believe in increasing awareness of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction; and therefore, provide community and physician lectures on pelvic floor muscle dysfunction topics. I am honored to be a board member and an instructor for theĀ Biofeedback Certification Institute of America, providing required advanced training to therapists seeking certification for the treatment of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.


Sherese Hildenbrand, OT, BCB-PMD

Hello and thank you for your interest in our clinic! I had a ten year career as a rehabilitation occupational therapist when I became interested in the treatment of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. My own experiences with urinary urgency, incontinence, and a significant experience of post-surgical urethritis prompted that interest. My initial training began in biofeedback treatment for urinary dysfunction. In 1997, I joined with Debbie A. Callif to develop an incontinence rehabilitation program. Working in that field quickly revealed that many patients had numerous pelvic pain symptoms not being addressed. We have made it a priority to seek to learn and study with the most respected leaders in the field of chronic pelvic pain. Pelvic pain is still a greatly underserved and misunderstood condition. In response to this, we opened the Continence & Pelvic Wellness Clinic. Our clinic grew from a desire to offer patients a private setting dedicated to their unique and sensitive needs outside of a large rehab setting. 

I have committed myself to learning all I can to help you. It is my desire that you find the Continence & Pelvic Wellness Clinic a friendly and compassionate place of healing. I look forward to working with you.


Debbie and Sherese’s curriculum vitae are available upon request.