Patient Comments

“Therapy helped me to become a much healthier person. It has helped me enhance my relations. I have gone from being a negative person and a catastrophic thinker to someone who is more positive. Therapy has helped me to be pain free. It has given me the tools I needed to achieve this goal. When the pain does start, I am able to eliminate it.”
-W.S. Chicago, IL

“I would definitely recommend therapy to anyone who is suffering with abdominal pain. Before I started therapy, I met with several doctors, even traveling to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, trying to find some relief from my daily pain. All the doctors I had seen prescribed different medication which provided only temporary relief. Finally a doctor recommended I try therapy at the Continence & Pelvic Wellness Clinic. Right away I saw results with the Continence & Pelvic Wellness Clinic’s hands on therapy. I was beginning to have regular bowel movements and my pain was consistently decreasing with treatment. In addition, my therapist was so helpful, always educating me on what I can do to improve my condition. Before I began therapy, I thought I would always have to live with my pain. Now, with the help of therapy, I know I can live a healthy and pain-free life!”
-R.B. West Bend, WI

“This is a letter highly recommending the services of the Continence & Pelvic Wellness Clinic. I am a 45 year old patient with Multiple Sclerosis. She (my therapist) has helped me tremendously with addressing some pain that had been ongoing for several years. Over the years, I have been to many specialists, such as urologists, gastroenterologists, pain doctors, and neurologists, each of whom were unable to help. My therapist has helped me to strengthen and relax the pelvic floor muscles which has improved my abilities to do even the simplest things like maintaining balance, moving to a sitting position from lying down, and maintaining that sitting position. As far as addressing the pain, she has tracked the pain I feel through my body and has found a way to manage it with connective tissue work, as well as working with stretching exercises and myofascial releases. I am forever thankful that she has confronted things that others have not been able to address.”
-R.S. Milwaukee, WI

“I am a 42 year old male who first experienced pelvic pain at the age of 29. I also recall in my early twenties that I had urinary symptoms where I would often feel the need to urinate. I would wake up to go 3 or 4 times a night. After seeing numerous doctors without any relief, I came to believe that I would just have to live with this condition. Over the next several years, the symptoms seemed to improve and worsen at different times. In my mid thirties, the condition seemed to reach a level that was no longer bearable. The result for me was pure misery as I lived in a state of pain, fear, and depression.  At age 37 I started to receive manual therapy from the Continence & Pelvic Wellness Clinic in Wisconsin. In conjunction with the manual therapy, I was learning a form of meditation, as well as Cognitive Therapy. Today I am pain free 100% of the time and symptom free 98% of the time. The 2% of the time when I do feel symptoms, it is mostly just tightness or very mild discomfort – this is much milder than the pain and urinary symptoms I used to feel. I also now possess the skills to reduce those 2% of symptoms to nothing. I now generally feel healthy physically and mentally. I believe that both the mind and body need to be treated for this condition. For me, I had a lot of undesirable emotions that needed to be dealt with. These emotions included anxiety, anger, shame, depression, and deeply hurt feelings. By working on resolving these emotions through the cognitive therapy and meditation, the manual therapy was able to work much more effectively (imagine trying to massage a muscle when you are contracting that same muscle due to emotional tension).  I am still working on my goal of becoming a more peaceful, calm, serene human being, but I know I have come a long way. What also is great about the Continence & Pelvic Wellness Clinic is that they train you with all the skills necessary to heal from this condition. They show you how to do the manual therapy on yourself (and/or have a spouse trained in it, too) as well as introduce you to various forms of meditation and cognitive therapy. I would be willing to talk with anyone who is going through a rough time with this condition as my contact info can be attained through the Continence & Pelvic Wellness Clinic.”
-C.H. Arlington Heights, IL